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Curious about Africa?

The trip of your life!

You have to see it, to believe it! South Africa is just as beautiful as everyone says, and with the seasons practically reversed, it is the perfect haven for those of us living in the northern part of the globe.

More Scandinavians than ever travel to Africa to take safaris or go hunting. A large number of people return year after year to this wonderful and mystical continent. Some of them visiting for the first time, having read about and longing to see the countries where Blixen, Hemingway and Ruark hunted. Others are more interested in trophies and collecting. Some seek romance, the atmosphere around the camp fire, the discovery of new countries, feeling the light breeze of the African savannah and the smell of burnt grass. It is usually the last group of people who become “intoxicated” and will spend at least ten months a year planning their yearly “pilgrimage” to a continent which, when it hooks its claws into you, will never loosen its grip!


A huge part of hunting is the expectation, and there is no expectation to savour you than your first safari to Africa! When you board the plane heading towards Africa you will follow in the steps of a long succession of well known adventurers and hunters before you, a succession which never seems to end.

Welcome to the group!

Come and hunt or travel with us on your photo safari. We offer you the memory of a lifetime and we will do everything in our power to fulfil your wishes.

Have a look at our web-site and let us inform and inspire you!

We hope to see you soon in Africa!

/Pro Hunter Jonas Gillow

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